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The Lao PDR Vision to 2030 and its 10-year Strategy (2016-2025), as well as the five-year 8th NSEDP 2016-2020, all clearly identified policy priorities on LDC graduation, increased human capacity, regional and international integration, and sustainable development. The three policy documents focus on green growth and its contribution to long-term social economic development goals Laos (/ ˈ l ɑː oʊ s / , / l Since the founding of the Lao PDR in 1975, very few films have been made in Laos. The first feature-length film made after the monarchy was abolished is Gun Voice from the Plain of Jars, directed by Somchith Pholsena in 1983, although its release was prevented by a censorship board. One of the first commercial feature-length films was Sabaidee Luang Prabang. Lao PDR is the third country in Asia, after Indonesia and Vietnam, and the ninth country worldwide to sign an ERPA with the World Bank's FCPF. The total value of these nine agreements, which have also been made with Chile, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana and Mozambique, is nearly half a billion US dollars Lao PDR Disaster Management Reference Handbook Februar 2021 45 INFRASTRUCTURE Telephones In Laos, the rate of fixed-telephone subscriptions was 20.99 per 100 inhabitants at the end of 2018. Lao PDR. 1.9K likes. This page is for sharing positive vibes and experiences about all things in Laos

BANK OF THE LAO P.D.R Yonnet Road, P.O.Box 19 Vientiane, Lao PDR | Tel: 021 - 213 109 | (BOL@bol.gov.la | www.bol.gov.la) © Copyright © BANK OF THE LAO P.D.R (BOL) All Rights Reserved Lao Star Channel (privater Fernsehkanal) Lao Television Channel 3 (staatlicher Fernsehkanal) Gesendet wird in der Fernsehnorm PAL. In Vientiane kann man vietnamesisches Fernsehen empfangen und in Grenznähe zu Thailand auch thailändisches Fernsehen. Mit dem staatlichen Radiosender Lao National Radio gibt es eine regierungsamtliche Rundfunkanstalt Lao PDR Faster speeds seen after Vietnam internet cable repaired. By Stella-maris Ewudolu on July 2, 2020 . Internet users in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR should now be experiencing faster and mor The Government of Lao PDR will implement the project through the Department of Forestry at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. To create jobs and livelihoods and secure environmental benefits, the project will develop environmentally and socially sustainable partnerships among communities, government, nature-based-tourism companies, and forest plantations Data: Lao PDR. Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2020 forecasts that the ongoing regional economic slowdown due to COVID-19 will severely impact the economy of the Lao PDR, especially in tourist arrivals, investment, trade, and services. Growth is expected to dip from 5.0% in 2019 to 3.5% in 2020, which could be even lower if the pandemic cannot.

Building Dreams in the Lao PDR The ADF-assisted Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project, has spurred a sharp rise in homestay and other tourism-based businesses in the southern part of Champasak Province, Lao PDR. Project Result / Case Study | 20 January 202 The Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR or Laos) is a land-locked, multi-ethnic, socialist state in Southeast Asia. It enjoys social stability, and there are no serious external threats to.. Lao PDR's Hin Nam No National Park joins IUCN Green List Program 01.02.2021 The government of Lao PDR confirmed the nomination of the Hin Nam No National Park in Khammouane Province to the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas. The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas is a global standard for protected area.. With a primary net enrolment in primary education of 98.7% (2017), Lao PDR has met the Millennium Development Goals target of universal access to primary education with gender parity. Despite this achievement, Lao PDR still has some of the poorest education indicators in Southeast Asia Lao PDR is one of the only two socialist states in the region, together with Vietnam. Lao PM Sisoulith lands in Clark for Asean Summit Lao PDR and the Republic of Macedonia have enjoyed mutual political support

From May to September 2018, the European Partners conducted a midterm report of the European Joint Programming for Lao PDR 2016-2020. This exercise enabled European Partners to reconfirm the relevance of the European Joint Programming 2016-2020 to the European Consensus on Development, which constitutes the blueprint of the EU's development policy with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Moreover, the midterm reporting process was synchronized with the 8th NSEDP midterm review. UNDP Lao PDR provides technical expertise and policy advice to the Government to implement national strategies and plans, and to localise the Sustainable Development Goals. Take action . Volunteer. Volunteer. Volunteering for the United Nations is a great way to engage with local communities and experience the reality of development work. Become a UNV . Connect. Connect with us. Join the. The Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) has shown remarkable progress by consistently building itself into a market-oriented economy, with economic growth in 1986-2016 averaging around 6.5% per annum. The rapid and sustained growth brought about changes in the structure of output, but did not alter job composition: resource-based products still dominate in industry, low value-added jobs in services, and 65% of the labor force in agriculture. This country diagnostic study provides.

In addition to 17 global goals, in 2016 the Government of Lao PDR has formally launched the national SDG18, 'Lives Safe from UXO' (unexploded ordnance), in the presence of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. As UXO remains an issue affecting national development in multiple dimensions, Lao PDR's output under the SDG18 contributes to the national outcomes under all the other SDGs. On the. Lao PDR. Each year, GHI scores cannot be calculated for some countries because data for one or more of the indicators used in the GHI formula are unavailable. In 2020, more countries than normal have incomplete data, owing in part to the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, 25 countries that meet the criteria for inclusion in the GHI had insufficient data to allow for. Lao PDR. All content on this topic. Sort by: Filter your results by: What policy lessons can be learnt from cases of pro-poorest growth? Working and discussion papers | July 2016 | Andrew Shepherd, Chiara Mariotti and Laura Rodriguez-Takeuchi. This comparative analysis argues that pro-poorest growth is likely to be necessary to achieve the first SDGoal target of eradicating extreme poverty.. In Lao PDR, we have seen significant advances, 2019 was marked by Ministry of Planning and Investment leading the celebration of ICPD25 and committing with many partners to accelerate the unfinished business of ICPD in Lao PDR. Lao PDR is home to 7.1 million people from 50 ethnic groups, with two thirds of the population living in rural areas.

CHAI began partnering with the government of Lao PDR in 2014 to support a reform of the country's supply chain system, aimed at improving the quality of patient care through better access to medicines, diagnostics, and health products. Begun as a pilot in 2014, the project has reached all provinces nationally, and nearly all 188 central, provincial, and district warehouses and hospitals with. Lao PDR is entering a critical stage in its national development. The country's ninth five-year National Socio-Economic Development Plan is currently being designed and will likely oversee the country's transition from Least Developed Country status. In line with the new national development plan, and building on the development finances assessment (DFA) conducted in 2017, the INFF will.

Lao PDR has a long term goal for national development which is set out in the 8th Five Year National Socio-economic Plan (2016-2020), with a Vision to 2030. According to this vision, the goal is for Lao PDR to make the transition from a Least Developed Country (LDC) to a middle income country by 2030 supported by inclusive, stable and sustainable economic growth whilst alleviating poverty. Lao. SAE LAO won the 2015 National (Laos) award in the Global Energy Awards, a highly prestigious accolade with over 1000 entrants from 150 countries. In the coming year SAE LAO will work hard to carry on expanding and improving the environmental sustainability work that is done at the project and in the community

Lao PDR is already a source, and to a lesser extent, a transit and destination country for sex trafficking and forced labour of women, children and men. Without proper protection mechanisms and enforcement of regulations and laws, AEC could have a negative impact. 4. Human rights instruments. Lao PDR has acceded to or ratified seven out of ten key international human rights instruments. The. Lao PDR issued this statement in the Ministerial Conference agenda item 6 regarding the State of civil registration and vital statistics in Asia and Read More. International Standards and Recommendations, UN Official Documents, 2014. Regional Action Framework on civil registration and vital statistics in Asia and the Pacific. Through Commission resolution 69/15, countries in Asia and the. What is the cost per kWh that a residential consumer pays for the first 30 kWh of consumption per month? If there is a social/ lifeline/poverty tariff, please provide that tariff amount for 2019, 2018 and 201 SEZs in Lao PDR. Investment Profile. Announcements. VISA Service. Application Form. Statistics. WHERE TO INVEST. PUBLICATIONS. IPD Events & Activities. Opening ceremony for Responsible Agriculture Investment Project RAI Uncategorized. Opening ceremony for Responsible Agriculture Investment Project RAI October 14, 2020. Ministry charts path for Investment Reform Map Uncategorized. * Travel advisory for entry and exit of Lao PDR during the implementation of measures to prevent, control and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic * Notice of continuing to implement measures to prevent, control, contain and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic for the period of 18 May - 1 June 2020 * Expand the period of suspended issuing all type of visa for all nationals at the Lao Diplomatic.

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  1. ເພີ່ມທະວີ ຄວາມສັກສິດ ແລະ ປະສິດທິຜົນ ໃນການບໍລິຫານ ແລະ.
  2. ແຈ້ງ ການ ແນະ ນຳ ການ ເກັບ ກຳ ຂໍ້ ມູນ ສະ ຖິ ຕິ ດ້ານ ແຮງ ງານ ແລະ ສະ.
  3. Lao PDR, and will be rolled out gradually as of September 2019. The new curriculum covers nine subjects including the Lao language, mathematics, science and the environment, morality, arts and handicrafts, music, physical education, English (from Grade 3) and social studies (from Grade 4). Unlike the old curriculum, the new one will focus on promoting active learning by allowing students to.

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  1. (KPL) Developing a holistic investment strategy along with continued regulatory reforms will help the Lao PDR attract more diverse and higher-quality foreign direct investment (FD), according to a new report released by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. Full stories. Khong Island ring road inaugurated [16/02/2021 12:30] Leveraging Digital Technologies Key to Asia's COVID-19 Recovery.
  2. ated to IUCN's Green List 18.08.2020. Vientiane, Lao PDR, 14 August 2020 - The Government of Lao PDR approved the no
  3. g her world A year after the start of the Accelerating Healthy.
  4. ate in industry, low value-added jobs.
  5. LAO PDR COVID-19 RESPONSE PROJECT: Posted By: ສຸກສົມຄວນ ຈັນທະມາດ, Date: 01/03/2021 10:33:38: The government of Laos is investing additional USD 10 million on the Lao PDR Covid-19 Response Project (Covid-19 Project-WB) to enhance the access to Covid-19 vaccine of the high-risk exposure priorities groups

Lao PDR Tel: +856 21 263799 Email: phouvongl(at)hotmail.com. Operational Focal Point Mr. Virana Sonnasinh Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Vientiane Capital, - Lao PDR Tel: +856 21 263799 Email: virana.sonnasinh[a t ]gmail.com. News. GCF and GEF join forces with Lao PDR to advance climate action. February 13, 2019 . Healthy oceans, people and economies: Partnerships for managing. Lao PDR has made progress on tobacco control in recent years. However, people continue to die and become sick needlessly, and the costs to society from tobacco use continue to mount. Lao PDR can still do more to make the proven tobacco control tools work for its citizens' wellbeing. Issues . Tobacco harms the health, the treasury, and the spirit of Lao PDR. Every year, more than 7300 of its. Since the founding of the Lao PDR in 1975, very few films have been made in Laos. The first feature-length film made after the monarchy was abolished is Gun Voice from the Plain of Jars, directed by Somchith Pholsena in 1983, although its release was prevented by a censorship board Lao PDR has a strategic goal to achieve UHC by 2025 and strengthening human resources for health is one of the five pillars of its health sector reform, along with service delivery, financing, governance, management and coordination, and monitoring and evaluation. The Ministry of Health has identified human resources for health as a key priority area, noting the importance of having a. Lao PDR has also signed free trade agreements (FTAs) with ASEAN dialogue countries: Australia and New Zealand (under their Closer Economic Relations FTA), China, India, Japan, and Korea; otherwise, normal rates are applied. Duty rates range between 0% and 40%, depending on whether the goods are from an ASEAN country or another country. Excise taxes. Excise tax is levied on consumers of certain.

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In Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) forests covered much of the country's surface area in the 1970s, but have depleted to about 51% of its total land area since the late 1990s. Forest loss has been closely linked with interests in land-based investments, and has been driven primarily by shifting cultivation, agricultural expansion, logging and plantation agriculture ກົມແຜນທີ່ແຫ່ງຊາດ, ກະຊວງພາຍໃນ ເຂົ້າຮ່ວມ. Located in the heart of the Vientiane a city famous for temples and monuments, the Lao Plaza Hotel has dominated the growing skyline since its opening in September 1997. Lao Plaza Hotel Tel : +(856 21) 218800-1 E-Mail : lph@laoplazahotel.co

VIENTIANE, LAO PDR— The United States contributed 16 new 4×4 vehicles and 134 UXO detectors, worth more than USD$1 million at a handover ceremony held Information for Travelers Returning to the United States. 19 January, 2021 | Alert. Effective January 26, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide either a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within. Lao PDR Prepares for Roll-out of COVID-19 Vaccines. The Government of Lao PDR, through the Ministry of Health (MOH) conducted a nationwide table-top exercise on 25 and 26 February, chaired by the Vice Minister of Health, Dr. Phoutho 11 December 2020. News release. A confident health workforce strengthens Lao PDR's health system and COVID-19 response When I got my licence, I felt. It is a commonly agreed document to be referred to by agencies working on CBDRR in Lao PDR. It provides guidance and support for systematic implementation of CBDRR programs by explaining each of the steps as well as tools used. Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Volunteer Manual 2011. Purpose: This Lao Red Cross Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) Volunteer Manual has been. The Lao PDR has expressed its support for the FAO's Hand In Hand initiative at the 35th Session of the Asia and Pacific Regional Conference held virtually by the FAO and hosted by the Kingdom of Bhutan in September 2020 Our Government of the Lao PDR is grateful for the opportunity afforded by the Hand In Hand Initiative that works to bring multiple players together to improve incomes and. Lao PDR is using mobile and fixed telephone communications, as well as the Internet, to promote human resource development, research, business, and infrastructure development, and to enhance the country's education system. Telecommunications access is being expanded into remote rural locations, including areas where vulnerable minority groups can benefit. Lao PDR has seen a rapid increase in.

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Lao English; ກ່ຽວກັບ ສປປ ລາວ ; ທີ່ຕັ້ງ ແລະ ພາລະບົດບາດຂອງສະພາແຫ່ງຊາດ; ປະຫວັດຄວາມເປັນມາຂອງສະພາແຫ່ງຊາດ; ປະທານສະພາ ແຕ່ລະຊຸດ; ຄະນະປະທານ; ຄະນະປະຈຳ; ກຳມາທິການກ Apart from that, the Lao government also incorporated with the Bank of Lao PDR and together with commercial banks to perform debt reclassifications and provide incentives on interest rates. Tax measures - Direct and Indirect (e.g. payment deferrals, rate reductions) Click here to see a comprehensive summary of jurisdictional tax measures and government reliefs in response to COVID-19. ໂຄງການໃຫ້ວັກຊີນກັນພະຍາດແຫ່ງ ສປປ ລາວ ວິດີໂອ ຂໍ້ມູນຂ່າວສານ. Beschreibung: The Sekong River, Sekong, Lao PDR, 2009. Photo: Jim Holmes: Datum: 23. Juli 2001, 17:28: Quelle: The Sekong River, Sekong, Lao PDR, 2009. Photo: Jim Holme

Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of COVID-19 in Lao PDR 7 Acronyms ADB Asian Development Bank ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations BCEL Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public BoL Bank of Laos COVID-19 Corona Virus Disease 2019 EU European Union ECCIL European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR The Future Role of the World Bank in Lao PDR: Respondents were asked to rate how significant a role the Bank should play in Lao PDR's development in the near future and to indicate what the Bank should do to make itself of greater value in Lao PDR. H. Communication and Information Sharing: Respondents were asked to indicate where they get information about economic and social development. Destination Laos, a landlocked country in Southeast Asia on the Indochinese peninsula between Thailand and Vietnam, and north of Cambodia.Laos shares also short borders with China and Myanmar (Burma). Laos was part of French Indochina, it became independent in 1953, but for most of the next 25 years it was torn by civil strife between the communist Pathet Lao movement and government supporters Lao PDR is a landlocked country heavily dependent on road transport for its economy; both in terms of imports and exports, and as a trade hub between China, Thailand and Vietnam. Roads are affected by, among other things, flash and back floods, extended dry and hot periods, and land/mud slides. These challenges limit people's access to crucial services such as health care, education, and.

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  1. Climate Smart Agriculture alternatives for upland production systems in Lao PDR (PPG) 2019: 2021: 150,000$ GCP /LAO/021/LDF : Strengthening agro-climatic monitoring and information systems to improve adaptation to climate change and food security in Lao PDR (FSP) 2017: 2021: 5,479,453$ GCP /LAO/022/LDF : Climate Adaptation in Wetlands Areas (CAWA) in Lao PDR (FSP) 2016: 2021: 4,717,580$ x.
  2. Lao PDR gdp for 2019 was $18.17B, a 1.23% increase from 2018. Lao PDR gdp for 2018 was $17.95B, a 6.53% increase from 2017. Lao PDR gdp for 2017 was $16.85B, a 6.63% increase from 2016. Lao PDR gdp for 2016 was $15.81B, a 9.83% increase from 2015
  3. Lao PDR is one of the fastest growing economies in the region and globally as the GDP growth averaged at 7.8% over the last decade. Previously, agriculture constituted the main economic sector, accounted for over 50% of Lao PDR GDP. However recent expansion on manufacturing has been shifting GDP share in Lao PDR. Currently, agriculture sector contributes to 23% of Lao PDR GDP while the.
  4. For workers in the small sawmills or furniture factories of Lao PDR, conditions can be far from fair. The company that employs you could suddenly close,... Read more. Special Report September 09, 2020. Introduction to forest landscape restoration in Southeast Asia. This guide is for forestry practitioners from local communities, governments, the private sector, civil society and academia in.

The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors today approved a US$57 million project to help Lao PDR promote sustainable forest management, improve protected area management, and enhance livelihoods opportunities in eight provinces across the country. Project funding comes from the World Bank's International Development Association, with contributions from the Global Environment Facility. Lao PDR ratified the WHO FCTC on 6 September 2006 and became a Party to the treaty on 5 December 2006. Since then the country has enforced domestic legislation such as the National Tobacco Control Law which was enacted in 2009 to enforce measures to manage, monitor and inspect the production, importation, distribution and sale-purchase of tobacco products, and to establish smoke-free areas. Lao PDR meets the income per capita and the human assets thresholds, but not the economic vulnerability index, as shown by the diagrams below. * Data from the 2018 triennial review. Country snapshot of Lao PDR . Gross national income (GNI) per capita* Value: $ 1,996. Thresholds: Inclusion: $ 1,025. Graduation: $ 1,230. Income-only: $ 2,460. Human assets index (HAI)* Value: 72.8. Thresholds.

Lao PDR-IRRI collaboration began in the late 1960s and continued in the 1970s with testing of improved rice breeding material from IRRI's rice breeding and selection work in Lao PDR. In 1973, systematic multilocation yield trials took place followed by the multiplication and dissemination of several IRRI lines and varieties to farmers Lao PDR is committed to improve food security by addressing four priority areas: 1) Improved food and nutritional security through enhanced policy, planning, and implementation mechanisms; 2) Environmentally sustainable production for the market by small farmers using a value chain approach; 3) Sustainable natural resource management for crops, forests, livestock and fisheries; and 4) Reduced. Constitution of the Lao PDR; Laws; Resolutions ; Parliamentarians' Friendship Groups; Inter-Parliamentary meetings held in Laos . News + MORE. There are no news available for the selected language. Television. 26/11/2020; 30/10/2020 . All Television . Radios. 01/02/2021; 01/02/2021 . All Radios . Newspapers. 25/02/2021; 25/02/2021 . All Newspapers . Visitors Statistics. Since 15/02/2018. Laos, which holds the dubious record of being the most bombed country in the world despite never officially being involved in the Vietnam war, may become an important source of revenue for mining companies willing to take on the extra risk associated with operating in a country with large amounts of unexploded ordnance and poor infrastructure. With the prospect of expanded mining operations in. Money Back Guarantee. This policy applies to our 4G services. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee (MBG) if you cannot use our service due to poor coverage

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Lao PDR's economy grew at an annual average rate of 6.3 percent and there was a significant decline in poverty: the incidence of poverty fell from 45 percent 1992/93 to 39 percent of the population in 1997/98 and to 33 percent in 2002/03 using Lao PDR national poverty line; or from 59 percent in 1992/93 to 49 percent in 1997/98 and to 44 percent in 2002/03 based on WB new $1.25 a day 2005. Lao PDR's National Climate Change Action Plan covers the period 2013 - 2020, and states that local governments must consolidate various projects and focal tasks related to climate change, then integrate them into their Social Economic Development Plans, followed by participation and reasonable involvement into executing, monitoring and reporting. Urban-LEDS Country factsheet US$2. For the Lao PDR ES, size stratification was defined as follows: small (5 to 19 employees), medium (20 to 99 employees), large (100 or more employees) and no information (unknown). Regional stratification for the Lao PDR ES was done across five regions: Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Khammouane, Savannakhét and Champasak. Note: Refer to Sampling Structure section in The Lao PDR 2018 Enterprise. Lao PDR adopted the Renewable Energy Development Strategy in 2011 and set a target of 30% small-scale renewables in the energy mix by 2025. The country relies heavily on large hydropower in electricity production and is an attractive investment destination for hydropower. At the same time, Lao PDR has also significant small-scale hydro and solar power potential. Given the mountainous landscape. Vientiane, Lao PDR TaiBaan - Vientiane, Lao PDR. TaiBaan - Vientiane, Lao PDR. Back to Experience Mekong Collection. July 24, 2018 | Last Modified: 2021. Travel Experience. The TaiBaan store in Vientiane is an outlet for more than 300 village artisans from five provinces of Laos. Our range includes beautifully hand woven silk and cotton textiles using natural dyes, bamboo wares, home wares.

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  1. erals) and strategic position in a fast-growing region. In order to maintain current growth rates and set the country on a more sustainable development path, Lao PDR is seeking to diversify its productive system by.
  2. Lao PDR. Trade and investment relationship with Australia. Total two-way trade: $93 million (2016) Trade in goods: $34 million; Trade in services: $59 million; Total two-way investment stock: np; Australian investment in Laos: np; Lao investment in Australia: np; Key features of the market. Population: 6.6 million ; GDP growth: 6.9% (2016) GDP: US$15.5 billion (2016) GDP per capita: US$2,394.
  3. ing.
  4. Porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) was detected by RT-PCR in 12 of 97 (12.4%) intestinal samples collected during 2015 from piglets with diarrhoea in Thailand, Vietnam and Lao PDR. Spike, membrane and nucleocapsid genes were characterized, and phylogenetic analyses demonstrated that PDCoV isolates fro
  5. Plan International began operating in Laos in 2008 to advance children's rights and equality for girls. We work with vulnerable children, families and communities so they can build the best possible futures for themselves. We work with communities where there is low school enrolment and completion, poor hygiene, little-to-no access to sanitation, limited safe water and high levels of.
  6. Damit kann PDR Ihnen weiterhelfen! Wir finden den besten Weg zum Recycling Ihrer Produkte. Unsere Ansprechpartner helfen Ihnen gerne weiter - individuell und persönlich. Jetzt Recycling-Anfrage an PDR senden. Kostenfreier Abholservice für PU-Schaum­dosen. für mehr als 6 Kartons (je 12 Dosen). Abholservice nutzen. Rückgabestellen für PU-Schaum­dosen. Jetzt in Ihrer Nähe finden. PLZ.

UWC Lao PDR. Gefällt 8.176 Mal · 498 Personen sprechen darüber. The UWC Scholarship is an educational initiative aimed at giving young Lao students the opportunity to study in different countries.. Chart and table of Lao Pdr population from 1950 to 2021. United Nations projections are also included through the year 2100. The current population of Lao Pdr in is 0, a NAN% decline from .; The population of Lao Pdr in was 0, a NAN% decline from .; The population of Lao Pdr in was 0, a NAN% decline from .; The population of Lao Pdr in was 0, a NAN% decline from Lao PDR's population is 6.9 million and whilst the country has made significant and progressive advances in its national development over the past two decades, with increases in economic, health and social development indicators, it still faces huge challenges in terms of increasing access and usage to sanitation and hygiene services. Some 2.4 million people (38% of the population) continue to. Improving food security in the northern uplands of Lao PDR: identifying drivers and overcoming barriers. ASEM/2012/073 Country manager. Image. Ms Dulce Carandang Simmanivong Contact. Dulce is based in Vientiane, and is responsible for strategic oversight of the Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar country programs. Before joining ACIAR in 2015, Dulce managed the rural development portfolio of AusAID. Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2017 Lao PDR SDG Datasheet. 3.3.3 Malaria Malaria incidence rate Per 100 000 population 20.9 (15) 8.9 (15) 3.3.4 Hepatitis B 3.3.5 Neglected tropical diseases People requiring interventions against NTD Thousand people 2 183 (15) 864 275 (15) 3.4.1 Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease Mortality rate attributed to.

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  1. Disaster Management Reference Handbook - Lao PDR (February
  2. Lao PDR IUC
  3. Education UNICEF Lao People's Democratic Republi
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